The nelons get ready

7th Element 7th Element consists of the four Greene brothers, Curt, Darren, Garth, and Kevin, as well as long-time friends, David "Dee" Glover and Marc Dwyer. Since the group's inception in April 1999, the group has accepted a two-part mission. First, is to bring a message of truth to the world through music by creating a smooth inspirational sound with a unique mixture of rich harmonies that draw universal appeal.


  • The voting period is each Sunday through Saturday. Each person is only allowed to vote one time per period. You may vote for up to 20 of your current favorite songs. Voters are tracked via IP addresses.
  • If you vote more than one time, our software only counts the first time you vote.
  • Our software will not tally ballots having only one song voted for
  • Repeated attempts to "sway" results by trying to cast multiple votes from the same IP address will disqualify you for future voting.

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The Nelons Get ReadyThe Nelons Get ReadyThe Nelons Get ReadyThe Nelons Get Ready